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The hair is one feature of ours that really defines our appearance. It has long been praised in poetry and art- the lavish and lustrous locks of a man or a woman indicate youth, vitality and good health. Your hair not only adds beauty and attraction to your face but also makes you stand apart from others- it is no wonder that people value an ample set of hair on the head.

Unfortunately, a wide population of people suffer from hair loss or balding of the head- this is followed by a state of melancholy and gloominess. What would you not you give to attain an ample set of hair that would naturally harvest! Luckily, for you, it is not much that you have to give but a couple of days to attain an abundant set of hair. Hair transplant in Dubai offered at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery fulfills people’s dreams by combating baldness forever.

The hair transplant procedure, unlike wigs or creams with superficial results- takes hair from the donor area of the scalp that has permanent hair and implants it into the balding area- and within a couple of months time you start seeing hair growing out naturally, the results are natural looking, permanent and plentiful. The certified cosmetic surgery experts at our facility have more than a decade’s experience of giving the client optimum results- a consultation session is held to gauge and asses the client’s individual needs and with digital imaging, the client is shown what he or she can expect. We offer various techniques of hair replacement such as FUE and the Strip method as well as female hair restoration and body hair restoration.

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FUE Hair Transplant or Follicle Unit Extraction is gaining acceptance as the best type of hair transplant in the world of Hair Transplant Surgery
Female Hair Transplant
Female Hair Transplant is treated best through FUE hair transplant which is considered to be the most convenient female hair loss treatment.
Strip Hair Transplant
Strip Hair Transplant proves to be the most common type of hair transplant surgery and now gives even better results.
Body hair transplant BHT is a modified form of the FUE hair transplant that allows a wider choice of donor area for borrowing and grafting hairs.