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Beard Transplant

There is a possibility that some kind of a hormonal imbalance, injury or a major burn has halted hair growth on the beard area. Now people are not able to grow hairs on the scalp but with the invention of FUE hair transplant, restoring or growing hairs on any part of the skin is now possible.
If we talk about skin, there are many parts on which it is quite abnormal not to have hairs. The introduction of body hair transplant involves grafting of hairs on all those parts of the skin like eyebrows, moustache or beard where hair growth is even more important than on the scalp.
For those who do not have enough hairs in the beard, going for beard transplant can help them attain desired hair density so as to get a perfect manly look. Below given are some exclusive features of the procedure:

  • The surgery is ideal for men who have spotty or patchy areas in their beards as well as moustaches.
  • A densely grown beard does not only hide unwanted facial scars but some men with small or recessed chins like to have beard for enhancing their features.
  • The procedure takes 2 to 4 hours to complete and involves harvesting of hairs from the donor site which is normally back of the head as applied in scalp hair transplantation.
  • The hair seeds after removal from the donor are carefully placed in the thinning or patchy areas of the beard.
  • Due to surplus of permanent hairs in the donor area the transplanted hair always grows.

Those men who do not have a properly grown beard may perhaps feel being deprived of a major masculinity feature. Getting beard transplant done will add up to their self confidence and put an end to embarrassment resulting out of teasing remarks from friends and peers.