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5 Signs of Healthy Hair

Signs of Healthy Hair

The hair is a prominent part of our appearance. It adds definition, attractiveness and character to our look. It is no wonder that blondes, redheads and brunettes all have a different appeal about them and sometimes can look similar amongst their own category. To have healthy hair is very important not only for aesthetic beauty but also because it determines good overall health. If your hair is dull, lifeless, and brittle and sheds excessively- that could be a sign of disease or vitamin deficiencies.

You can improve the health of your hair by following a healthy diet, conditioning hair regularly and not exposing it to heating tools. Knowing the signs of healthy hair helps us to keep our hair healthy. So let us have a look at the five signs of healthy hair.

1)  Smooth Texture

Healthy hair is smooth, soft and flexible. If you run your fingers through your hair, it should be able to move easily. In healthy hair, the cuticle edges lay flat against the hair shaft. Hair dyes, chemical treatments and heating tools tear away the cuticle edges from the shaft. A smooth texture can be temporarily achieved with moisturizers, finishing oils and a professional blow dry.

 2)  No dandruff

Dandruff in the hair is a result of poor hygiene- if you do not wash your hair regularly you are more likely to develop dandruff. An excessively oil or dry scalp can also cause these flaky fellows to appear. Conditioning hair regularly, using almond oil and keeping the scalp clean would help you get rid of dandruff.

 3)  Its Shiny

If your hair is full of shine and luster, it is a sign that you have healthy hair. Hair shine is a result of a smooth hair shaft. Brittle and damaged hair shafts are rough and look more like a bush than hair. Damage to the hair cuticle also causes frizz and inhibits shine.

 4)  It’s Elastic

Healthy hair is elastic in texture. Healthy hair has the ability to stretch easily like a rubber band. It does not break off from tugs or combing. Unhealthy hair can become brittle for a variety of reasons including diet and nutrition. Brittle hair can be the cause of vitamin deficient diet.

 5)  Responds well to Moisture

 Another sign of healthy hair is that reacts positively to moisture without looking frizzy of fuzzy. The texture of healthy hair would not change in wet or moist conditions whereas unhealthy hair, when exposed to moisture in the air gets frizzy. This is because the hair plumps up and causes damaged cuticles to stick out even more giving hair frizzy look.



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