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How To Take Care of Children’s Hair

Children Hair

Parents do whatever they can, to take care of their children. Sometimes however, they unintentionally damage children’s hair simply because they don’t know how to take care of children’s hair. In the following lines I will explain everything you need to know about hair care of your baby and child.

Children have very delicate hair, especially babies. As babies grow their hair becomes thicker and stronger. Usually, most damage to children’s hair comes from their hair styles. Their hair is styled to make them cute or keep them out of their faces; pigtails, ponytails, or braids pull out the hair and cause traction alopecia (loss of hair due to continuous traction). Unfortunately traction alopecia is often permanent. Here are some important tips to take care of children’s hair.

  1. Do not backcomb their hair. Backcombing is a sure way to destroy children’s delicate hair.
  2. Use a plastic comb instead of a brush. This will prevent static electricity buildup on the scalp; static electricity makes hair stand up and prone to damage created by wind, sun, and heat.
  3. Don’t keep the rubber bands unnecessarily. Sometimes we keep rubber bands in children’s hair overnight because of laziness which can damage their hair.
  4. Use a good conditioner to minimize the formation of knots and their easy removal.
  5. Rotate hair style of your children so that certain parts of the scalp don’t receive traction for extended periods of time.
  6. Encourage children to take care of their hair. This will make them realize the importance of their hair and encourage them to develop healthy habits regarding their hair care.
  7. Inspect your children’s hair regularly for any disease or lice. Children are more prone to lice when they start to go to school. Treatment of lice is easy, but if left untreated they can cause permanent patches of hair loss.
  8. Make hair care fun for children. Encourage them to style and take care of their hair. This will create hair awareness and they will never be careless about their hair later in life.

By these tips, they will surely have good looking hair, and the hair will last for a long time. Having great hair will help them to instill pride in their looks, and help enhance their self-esteem.


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