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Top 5 Amazing Hairstyles


We are always evolving and changing with our thoughts, interests, passions and beliefs– so why shouldn’t our hair? Each year brings some hot trends not only in fashion, clothing and shoes but also in hairstyles. We saw Rihannas edgey bob, Katie perry’s millions of haircolor changes and Nicole Ritchie’s countless  va va voom up do’s and we are inspired to don some of these styles ourselves!

Most of the hairstyles of 2012 have been so amazing that they’ve carried on to 2013. Some hairstyles even from the 60’s have made comebacks to glam up our style. Although classics such as the centre parted straight and sleek hair, or loose curls will always remain in vogue having the same hairstyle can be boring and the need for a new makeover is crucical. So, here is a list of the top 5 most amazing hair style for 2013!

 1)    The Deep Side Parted Look

This deep side parted look is insanely chic and glamorous and lends loads and loads of sophistication even though minimum effort is required in making it. And even though you do not have to do much, it can change your entire look. Rosie Huntington adorns the side swept hair with some gel and lots of hairspray to achieve ultra neatness and sleekness. Her icy blonde tresses are complemented with coral lips to make her stand out even more. Models on the Calvin Klein runway are also spotted adorning this look. All it requires is a comb, some hair spray and a hair straightening iron!

 2)    Up do’s with a twist

 If you want to look infinitely glamorous in just a few steps-, go for an updo! Nicole Ritchie’s updo is no ordinary one it is a strangely unique one with lots of volume, femininity and edginess. Maybe in 2013 it is time to put in some effort and stand apart from the crowd.  Nicole’s bangs and combed back bouffant add extra cuteness to the whole look. You can achieve this look with hairpins, a narrow toothed comb and lots of volumizing serum.

 3)    Angular Bob

The Angular bob first made its appearance in 2011 and since then stayed in the hearts of many. The look has been evolved and revamped as the length of the bob has increased down to shoulder length as opposed to the chin length when it first came out. The most suitable face types for this look are oval and heart shaped. If you have a square, round or oblong face, you may want to make your bob less edgy. Gwyneth Paltrow to looks so chic and modern with this hair and even the side parted look stands out and screams wow!

 4)    High Ponytail

Georgina Chapman the doll-faced fashion designer is seen with a sleek high ponytail. The runways of Paris, New York and Brazil have been seen flooded with supermodels and models in sleek and sophisticated high ponytails. This look can suit almost anyone although having long and straight hair does this look true justice. A high ponytail with loose curls also looks quite charming!

 5)    The 60’s Bouffant

What is it about a bouffant that makes it so sexy? Bridget Bardot had one, Amy whinehouse was known for her iconic bouffant and loads of models are seen adorning the look on runways. There are many versions of the bouffant but the common factor is the puffy top and French twist at the back. Hair at the back can be kept open or tied up depending upon your preference. You need a teasing comb, hair spray and lots of confidence to carry this look.


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