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FUE hair transplant in Karachi

The city of Karachi enjoys the honor of being the biggest city of Pakistan. Apart from this, the city holds great political importance and is also happens to be the most populated. People belonging to all races are found in this city and a number of celebrities from present and past also reside here.
Everything that is introduced in the country first of all gets fame in this very city. Talking about hair transplant, it may not be wrong to say that it was the city of Karachi that was first known to offer this surgery which was introduced as strip hair transplant.
Although strip hair transplant yielded some good results but there was involvement of pain factor in this type of surgical hair loss treatment. Considering mother is the need of invention, so this gave rise to the invention of FUE hair transplant.
After successful launch of FUE method in other parts of the world now we also have FUE hair transplant in Pakistan. Initially getting introduced in other Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Multan, now FUE transplant in Karachi is gaining fame at a rapid rate.
Below given are some exclusive features of this surgery to give some idea to those in search of hair transplant.

  • FUE hair transplant does not involve any major invasive procedures and there is nothing like strip removal from the donor area.
  • The hairs are extracted from the donor area with the help of specialized instruments and are grafted back into holes already created.
  • The process of hair grafting is very much the same like it is in strip removal method but there are no cuts or sutures.
  • Hairs can be transplanted into almost any part of the skin and if the donor area of the head does not have enough hairs they can be extracted from other pasts and grafted into hair less part of scalp.
  • The recovery is also quick and the method is best to treat hair loss in women. This is because the conventional method involves some pain so not ideally recommended for female hair transplant.
  • The FUE cost per graft also varies depending upon the hairless area and the donor.