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FUE hair transplant in Pakistan cost

People who are suffering from hair problems are always worried about losing hairs completely. A couple of decades back when there was no reliable hair loss treatment and no concept of hair loss restoration, the problem was considered as incurable.
Luckily, today with the invention of hair transplant, people can have lost hairs back on almost any area of the skin other than the scalp. After the successful acceptance of strip hair transplant in Pakistan which has been showing excellent results, now there is another latest technique called FUE hair transplant.

Like the conventional strip method, FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is also gaining remarkable popularity at a rapid rate. Below given are some exclusive features of this amazing latest hair regrowth technique:

  • There is no removal of scalp involved in the procedure so once the surgery is done there is no need for sutures and no liner scar left upon recovery.
  • The hairs are removed from the back of the head one by one with the help of certain instruments while the patient is under local anesthesia.
  • If the hairs are not enough in the donor area which is normally back of the head, FUE method allows extraction of hairs from any other area like chest and back.
  • Since there is minimal pain factor so the procedure is ideal for female hair transplant as the women are quite reluctant undergoing strip removal method.
  • A person undergoing this surgery can obtain desired hair volume all over the scalp and for this reason the FUE cost per graft is comparatively higher than strip removal method.

When people think of choosing hair transplant, an important factor which comes in to play is the cost. As far as FUE hair transplant in Pakistan cost is concerned, that is also quite reasonable as compared to it is in other parts of the world. End result is healthy hair growth which is optimum goal of the procedure.