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Hair fall

Hair fall is perhaps the most common of all the other hair problems that is found in men as well as women. For some reasons, the results of falling hairs are not that much threatening in case of women as they are in men.
Some years ago, it was believed that falling hairs do not have a solution and the ultimate result would be baldness. However, with the advancement of technology, hair fall resulting in baldness now gets a solution. Let us find out what we have here:

  • Once you see the hairs have started falling the first thing to do is find out the reason behind hair fall and how to stop hair fall in the first place.
  • The main reason behind hair loss in males is increased production of an enzyme called Dihydrotestosterone.
  • People looking for hair fall solution mostly end up wasting time and money buying hair products.
  • Most hair products that are promoted as best hair falling solution are ineffective and may result in increasing the hair fall rate.
  • As far as hair regrowth is concerned, the process is more active for women as compare to the men hair regrowth that often stops and results in baldness.
  • For all types of hair problems the best thing to do is consult a professional hair specialist who will suggest the best possible solution.
  • Use of certain herbs was considered to be the best solution for hair fall but for some reasons that does not prove to be working for each and everyone with hair problems.

 Latest studies and discoveries have clearly proved that most of the times hair fall results in baldness which is only be cured through hair transplant. The only way that can restore hairs is hair transplant which has now become one of the most performed surgeries around the world.