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Hair Transplant Cost Dubai

Hair transplant is a very serious procedure that involves a whole lot of time and money for new technological machines and apparatus which help in the aid of performing such complicated procedure. This is why hair transplant cost should never be questioned or bid upon by patients who want to go through it. This kind of surgical procedure is very in demand with people who wants to be treated from male pattern baldness. This procedure is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body to a bald part of the body. This type of surgical procedure can also be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair and even pubic hair. It can also be used to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as face-lifts. Because of advance researches and studies made by doctors and scientists who are experts in this field of science, a whole lot of new techniques and new technologies are being used nowadays.
Hair-Transplant-Cost-DubaiThere are two kinds of hair transplantation and these are the strip harvesting and the follicular unit extraction. Strip Harvesting is a procedure in which a strip of scalp is removed under local anesthesia. The wound is then sutured back together and this piece of scalp tissue is then cut in to small pieces of tissue called grafts which are then transplanted back in to the thinning area of the patient’s head. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE Harvesting is another type of surgical procedure for hair transplantation in which individual follicles of hair are removed under local anesthesia. Each follicle is then reinserted back in to the scalp in the thinning area using a micro blade.
Hair transplant cost should be a secondary factor in looking for a reliable doctor and company who are best in this field. If you are planning to get this procedure done, make sure to verify your surgeon’s credentials. Always do your homework. Research them online and make sure you know everything about them. Make sure that your chosen surgeon had been doing this for a long time. You should see pictures of his past patients’ results and try to talk to patients who have been under this procedure with the same surgeon. You can evaluate your surgeon this way and be confident in trusting them to do the procedure on you.
Hair transplant cost differ in every parts of the world. Certainly, the price of a procedure varies depending on the part of the country. It may cost more in areas like New York and San Francisco. It can also differ on the type of clinics you go to. The larger clinics tend to charge a bit more to cover their heavy advertising expenditures. More so with clinics that are up to date with recent technologies and machines that are being used. You can either pay by the sessions which in this manner you can settle on an exact price prior to surgery. If the surgeon will be able to obtain more grafts than expected from your donor area then all grafts will be used without altering the fee. On the other hand, you can be charged to pay per graft. In Dubai area per FUT graft can be charged from $2 up to $5 per follicular unit. Always remember it is not about how much you pay, it is about how good the outcome will be. Hair Transplant Dubai will always get your money’s worth.