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Can Hair Be Donated from Another Person

Can Hair Be Donated from Another Person for Hair Transplant Surgery

When considering a hair transplant many people wonder whether hair could be donated from another person for this surgery as not everyone has an ample donor supply. This sounds like a very probable and likely idea at first but there are some deadly consequences to this idea being materialized.

It is possible in theory for to extract hair from one person and transplant it into another but the body will recognize the foreign tissue and reject it. Our body’s immune system is prone to recognizing and rejecting foreign organisms and tissue. Moreover, as the skin’s main function is to protect our bodies, it is even more probable for it to reject foreign tissue. As donated hair would be rejected, the hair transplant would not be effective and could pose serious threat to the person.

People wonder how that is possible as there are transplants for various other organs such as for the heart and kidney. These organs can be transplanted from one person to another but it requires an exact donor match. However, regardless of that the patient has to take very potent and dangerous anti-rejection drugs. Doctors would not recommend the use of these drugs for a surgery done for cosmetic purposes that is not a matter of life and death.

The only case where hair could successfully be transplanted from one person to another is in the case of identical twins. That is the only exception to the rule. Patient’s who do not have sufficient donor hair are recommended to take hair from the body such as the chest or legs and opt for body hair transplantation.

Some countries do practice hair transplant with artificial hair however it is not legal in many countries including the U.S. the reason is that artificial hair causes “Fibrosis”- which is a condition that causes hardening and swelling of the tissue surrounding the hair. Other than fibrosis, artificial hair can also potentially cause excessive redness and inflammation. To sum it up using artificial hair for a hair transplant is a bad idea and carries more harm than good.

Currently, no doctor provides this service as the harm is too grave- but perhaps in the future using someone else’s hair for a hair transplant could be possible.


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