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No Shedding after Hair Transplant

No Shedding after Hair Transplant

Before someone thinks of undergoing hair restoration surgery there are so many questions that keep on sweeping through the mind. It is rare that unless all such questions are answered anyone would ever grow for such a major surgery. One thing must be understood before undergoing any surgical procedure that it is not possible to get it done over and over again. For this reason, person planning to have hair transplant surgery done must have all the concerns satisfied so that a well informed decision is reached. This will also avoid the possible chances of complications which might be there after the surgery.

The concerns do not end up even after the surgery is done, because it is the time when the person who has undergone surgery eagerly waits for the results. If the surgery is done from a recognized institute with a qualified surgeon performing it there is a rare chance that anything wrong could happen. Although there can be some swelling and minimal pain after the hair transplant procedure is completed but that is just temporary and goes away after some time. In most cases, people are able to resume their normal activities almost on the very next day after surgery.

When the surgery was introduced people did not have a choice as far as the method of the surgery is concerned. There was only strip hair transplant which most people have gone for and have had mixed type of experiences. Although there has not been anything serious, but since it is an invasive procedure involving cuts and sutures while also leaves a linear scar on the scalp, so many people had cold feet undergoing the procedure. This gave rise to a much improved and safer technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant which is producing lot better results.

As we say that no pains no gains, so the worst thing associated with this surgery and particularly once it is done and the patient is on the way towards full recovery is the so called shock loss. The hairs that are being transplanted do not start growing right away and initially fall off the scalp. This does happen sometimes until the next few months after the surgery when the patients can see the newly transplanted hair along with regrowth from some of the hair those have fallen as a result of shock loss. Some people may not experience hair shedding but that will not have an effect on new hair growth.


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